Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Woman's Day approach to investing

Well not quite - but following are the criteria that I'm going to apply for the beauty pagent...

1) P/E versus AAA bond
2) Dividend yield
3) EBIT multiple benchmark
4) Price to NTA

5) Gearing - debt to debt plus equity
6) Interest cover - EBIT to interest
7) Gearing - change year on year
10) Change in working capital - CA/CL year on year

8) Return on assets - NPAT to Total Assets
9) Operating cashflow to total assets
10) Change in ROA year on year
11) ROA versus CFROA
12) EPS trend
13) EBIT margin
14) Change in EBIT margin year on year
15) Dividend payout ratio
16) Change in Asset turnover - Sales to total assets at beginning - year on year

17) Quality of Management - measured by decisions, reputation, pay structure, M&A, equity issuance
18) Competitive positioning - industry growing?, pricing power?,
19) Change in shares on issue - year on year

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