Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finding time...

Making progress with other projects...just that it gets in the way of what's important (this blog? well maybe not but...)

Any thoughts on choice of logo would be appreciated (have a look here) - sometimes you gotta just stand back and stare at the wonders of modern technology. This is simply a great website.

For the record, I jumped out of half the QBE today and rolled the short XJO up to market (bought vol at 26.5 and sold it at 29.5 - same expiry date...go figure)

Have a couple of unfinished posts that need to get onto before the reporting season deluge hits. Hopefully, get em done...


  1. Wow, what a website! I had no idea it even existed (not that I'm often scouting round for a logo).

    I like #1, #135 and maybe #79 if it has a bit more work.

  2. Thanks Justin...the choice is staggering!

  3. So you're the one responsible for the QBE sell-off today. You market mover you ;-)
    Lots of fantastic logos. I like 113 and 61. 120 with speech bubble did catch my eye, but agree with wolv's comment that speech bubble doesn't fit with professional image, though it is a good web 2.0 style. 137 without the tagline is good too.