Friday, August 7, 2009

Moving on for greener pastures

Hopped out of CEU and DUE today...they have paid their way but time is marching on


  1. CEU has had a nice run of late, but the rally seems to have passed by a lot of the other infrastructure stocks - DUE, SPN, AIX, SKI, TCL...

    I'm not sure why, they're all trading at forecast yields of above 10%.

    So have you changed your mind about the possibility of corporate action involving CEU? Read a broker report Friday which believed the equity lockup is likely until FY14, which wouldn't make CP2 very happy.

  2. Wasn't really looking for corporate action so much as was backing industry funds and the like to be buying for value in the low 30's. CEU shouldn't be listed as its a long term asset. It's short term is still pretty bleak given on current traffic doesn't even cover its cashflow.

    Might look again if it tracks back to the lows 30's.

    As for the others, they started to pick up but too seem to have lost I'm backing out until something stands out as a buy. Well that's the plan anyway.

    ALZ might be a chance to get to 40 soonish?